Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where to start?

I'll admit it...I've been gone so long that I don't know where to start.  Numerous times, I have thought about resuming this blog, beyond the occasional update to the In the News section.  Perhaps, the best way to start is a quick update on my interpreting adventures.

I am still working as a freelance interpreting- primarily in post-secondary education and government settings.  Last summer, I attended the VRID Conference in Roanoke, VA and RID Region II Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL as I resumed my studies at George Mason University (GMU).  I worked on a directed reading that examined the Code of Ethics, specifically the values of confidentiality and consumer autonomy, and the role it played in the professionalization of the sign language interpreting profession.  This summer, I am taking an Instructional Design class and for my project, I am turning that research paper into a workshop- so stay tuned!  With three semesters at GMU under my belt which included History of Ethical Theory and Research Ethics, I have one year left until graduation.  This fall, I will be taking Environment Ethics as well as working on a directed reading on healthcare ethics with my adviser as well as developing my proposal for my Capstone Project (Spring 2013).  As far as professional development goes, I co-facilitated the VRID Community Dialogue on Social Media in December, then facilitated Part II in March.  I attended an awesome workshop in May- Basic Biomedical Ethics for Sign Language Interpreters, presented by Teresa Blankmyer Burke.  I will be heading down to Richmond, VA next week to attend the VRID Mental Health Institute, then to Indianapolis in August for the RID National Conference.  As of June 30, my term as District I Representative will be up on the VRID Board and I have decided to step down to concentrate on finishing my Master's degree.
RID Views; Fall 2012

Professionally, the most exciting this to happen to me this past year was being featured in the RID VIEWS when they resumed the About a Member last fall.  It was certainly an honor to be asked, but I did not know that my headshot was going to take up the entire page until the very last minute.  Personally, my husband and I are still getting settled into our house.  In May, we went on an Alaska cruise and spent some time in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC to celebrate our five year anniversary.  I can hardly believe that 2012 is halfway gone, but am looking forward to a great year!